Friday, June 30, 2006

I Love NYC!!!

So I took a stroll through Central Park today headed for the Apple Store to find some help for a few iTunes questions. And not only did I get the help I needed but I found the Stanley Cup!!! I got to (as you can see) take a picture with it and even touch it. It was very cool.
I even got quoted in an aticle about it...check it out at

New York has been very fun and exciting. I got to go to Yankee Stadium and saw an awesome game as the Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves. I've just enjoyed walking around the busy streets and figuring out the subway system. It been great.

My co-residents are awesome also...We all get along great and seem to fit together perfectly. We'll have a good two years together!!
(On the Streets of Brooklyn)

By the way...I did graduate and pass the Dental Boards!!!!!!!!!