Saturday, August 25, 2007

THE Stay At Home Mom

(Preface: Yes there are situations where one cannot stay at home with one’s children. This is not a post of condemnation or judgment, but rather a simple praise of my wife following our 7th anniversary. So don’t be unduly offended.)

Recently my wife took a lot of flack for expressing her opinion about being a stay at home mom on musing and misadventures. I would like to praise her for not backing down in the face of a heated debate and for defending her point of view.

Emily has sacrificed very much to stay at home with our children. One blog comment in response to E’s suggestion to go without some of the modern day conveniences/necessities said: “cable TV, 2 cars and cell phones, etc. Do you go without any of these things? Does anybody you know sacrifice these things? I doubt it.” Ah, yes she has gone with out all of those things for the first six years of our marriage. We never paid for cell phones, Internet, TV until our recent change in location. Some of our friends still don’t in order to allow the mom to stay at home with their children.

Why stay at home then? E is the most nurturing mother I know (sorry mom). She is so full of love for our boys. They have benefited by her constant presence so so much. It is an invaluable blessing they and I have. I would gladly take on 200,000 of debt and sell my self to the Air Force to enable her to stay home with our babies. To see the constant nurture, care, and love she gives the boys all day is amazing. These are the things that can’t be replaced by a nanny, babysitter, day care, or even a father. Sometimes I wish she could go work and I could stay home, but they wouldn’t quite get the same loving tenderness offered by her.

This is the reason I married her. I observed her with her nieces and nephews, as well as with my own. She loved those little kids and took such great care of them that I knew she would be an exceptional mother. I wanted to find someone as good as my sisters and mom (all of whom have always stayed at home with there collective 15 children). They were a great example to me and all contributed to the qualities I want to find and did find in Emily. (So this post and be for them too).

It isn’t easy for her to do this day after day, but I am so grateful to have found a wife who puts her children’s welfare and nurture before her own and does not complain about it (too much). In all or my journal reading and literature reviews I've done I haven't yet come across an article saying there is a maximum amount of time a child needs to be with its mother. The more the better and there is no substitute for my kids being able to be with her. (And she is a much better writer then me)

Long Hallways

Imagine a long corridor or hallway, empty of all people and obstacles. What does that image make you want to do?

Most kids at the hospital like to run around and scream as they pass down one of the long hallways in our hospital, which leads to our clinic.

So as I was roaming around another hospital, at which I was working today, I came upon a similar scene. I've passed this way quite often. Each time I get the same feeling. This hallway is perfect. It is long, about 50 yards. Has three sloping floors with flat areas in between.

Now close your eyes again and add at the beginning of your hallway/corridor a hospital bed with wheels. Now what do you want to do?

Every time I turn the corner to this hallway there is at least one bed waiting at the top and it takes all the self control I have not to unlock the wheels and go soaring down the ramps!!

I'll let you know when I get brave enough to try it. (I'm not kidding it is so tempting, I think I'll try it out when I have a friend there to give me a push and stop me at the end. There are automatic doors at the end, so I wouldn't crash into those, but that would put me into a waiting room. Hmmm.)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here are the first Two

These are the two already on the wall. Does this change any one's opinion? So far its about a tie between the last two pictures: Schooner vs Bridge. (I might add that the Bridge is more indicative of RI since it is in RI). Thanks for your input.

This one is a light how at the tip of Cape Cod, Woods Hole.

This is one taken a block away form our house.
(All photos are by me)

Monday, August 20, 2007

You Decide

We have three black frames on the wall above our stairs. One has a picture of a sailboat off of the shore line with no sails furled. The other of a lighthouse. Both are sepia. We need to choose a third picture for the last frame, which is currently housing Max's beautiful art. So which of the following do you suggest we pick to join the others?

This first one is of a lobster boat in Maine.

This second one is of a schooner off the coast of the Elizabeth Islands on the way to Martha's Vineyard.

This third one is a sail boat with the Newport Bridge in the background.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Maine Report- Day 1

Departed for ME

Pit stop in Kennebunkport.
-Saw the vacation home of the Bush's (They were arriving today)
-Picnic at the beach

Arrived in Portland, ME
-shopped at Freeport outlets, home to LL Bean
-Dinner at Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster, great Lobster Bisque!!

Swimming at the Hotel and watch Burn Notice

Maine has a true New England feel. We're lovin' it!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Few Maxer Quotes


“I wish I didn’t have such a mean mean breuder Said in heaving sobs at 3 am after having discovered Sam had emptied his pirate bag onto Sam’s bed during bedtime. Said bag contains all toys, clothes, etc. that he holds dear at this time, however he doesn’t play with them, just hordes them in the bag. Grandma Fae just made it for him out of pirate skull material, before he was using a plastic garbage bag.


"Daddy, how’s that on for size!"


as we come upon a motorcycle and its rider:


we pass the motorcyclist and max says out the window:


then we pass him again:


then again:



Max: (To Dad) "I remember Gabe being born cause it wasn’t very long ago. Did we have popcorn der?"

Dad: "Yes"

Max: "And there was coffee there where we got mommy more water."

(To Gabe) "You were so happy to have me hold you, huh baby?"


"This is better then being on the trampoline!" (Referring to laying on our bed looking at Gabriel)