Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Pilgram!

Our Thanksgiving began aboard the Mayflower II, a seaworthy reproduction in Plymouth Massachusetts. Not as grand or exciting as Mr. Bates made it seem, but still cool to behold!

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the Plimouth Palisade.A kind Pilgrim taught this little one how to strike a wedge with an English accent.The same little boy was denied his request to stoke the fire.

On Thursday, Em provided us with a beautiful table and a scrumptious meal. It was our first official D&E Family Thanksgiving!!! We successfully navigated the difficulties of only having one oven to cook the various dishes, and enjoyed a great meal. E shined in her pinnacle of domesticity.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


While sitting in my den/home office/study this morning at about 5:30 am or so I began hearing some scampering upstairs. Expecting to hear one of the boys beginning to scream, I prepared myself for ignoring them until they either woke the other one up of went back to sleep.
Then I heard the scampering enter the bathroom and then the kitchen. Expecting to hear the MOST GRACIOUS ADORABLE ONE begin barfing, I prepared myself for ignoring, I mean prepared myself to go upstairs and help her. As no violent heaving noises were heard I figured she simply need a bowl of cereal to calm her stomach. Then the scamperer descended the squeaky stairs. Next, my beautiful wife entered with a cup of milk and a plate with two pieces of
melted cheese and a bowl of applesauce for my breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She woke up before the sun even thought to and made me a yummy, fortifying and much needed breakfast. I had just been dreading having to come up with something to eat and contemplating stopping at the Dunk (Dunkin' Donuts) on the way to the OR. What a wicked awesome wife I have!!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Movie Night, A Zoo, and a Creamery

The weekend began with a fun movie night with M and the boys, Curious George, and individual popcorns. It was a wicked fun. George is a great movie and M hadn't seen it yet. The boys cuddled with us the whole time...wicked cute. Max giggled the whole time and Sam watched intently and was sad when George was captured.
This was the view out our window (across the street) yesterday morning. Most of New England's leaves are on the ground, yet our street is just starting to fall. It is wicked pretty.
I finally got us to all get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful day. So we went to the Providence Zoo. Its a pretty good zoo, not quite as grand as SF and definitely doesn't compare to San Diego's, but still an enjoyable stroll.

Max's best friend from Pre-K was there too and they went around together the whole time. They are both wicked hyper and ran around the whole zoo together.
This bird kept trying to eat my son's finger.
Creepy stranger.
We stopped at a garage sale, which was over, on the way home and picked through the leftovers on the street. So the boys had to ride home with their heads tucked under a plastic pool. Can't beat a free garage sale. Sam wasn't too happy under their!

Then we had to satisfy the cravings of a pregnant woman who wanted a "real hamburger". So we found a Newport Creamery and got some wicked yummy grub!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ripley's Believe It or Not--Primary Champion

My oldest son, many of you may know him he's the one who looks like me, on Sunday for the second time received the "Most Reverent" reward in primary. Yes, my boy who acts like he's been eating Apple Jacks and chocolate soy milk for breakfast. The first time it was for Sacrament meeting and he is now 1 away from a hat trick this week with the award for being the most reverent during the primary hours!!! The first time he got a little pack of face cards for his prize and luckily the second time it was some sort of puzzle chain.
He has done very well in church the last few months...That's MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(He also memorized his part for the primary program two weeks ago!!!)