Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gray's Birth

Here's a slideshow of his first couple days.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Favorites and Service- A New Family Tradition

One of the nights, when Emily was still in the hospital, I joined our great friends the Pats for dinner since they were the ones caring for the boys during the first two days of Gray's life. At the completion of dinner everyone stayed at the table and then they went around and each told of their two favorite things and one act of service they did or had done to them. (Kinda like President Monson mentioned in conference last year.) So last Sunday I started the same routine in our family.

Here is one round from me for these past two weeks:
Two favorite things:

1. Falling asleep on the recliner in the middle of the day with Gray bundled in my arms and then waking up and having Gabe cuddle with us for 20 more minutes!
2. Trying to eat Grayson's little soft cuddly fuzzy face. I love his head with its smooth skin and soft hair.

Service (we have been focusing on service we provide, but I will make an exception in order to praise my wife):

-Em has been serving me by sleeping downstairs so Grayson wont wake me up as much. (The idea is this will allow me to have more energy to handle the other boys, which has had some success if not as much as she would like.)

(They also read the Book of Mormon while a the dinner table and we are adopting that technique as well.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Hog!

Em has confined herself to her room today. She sits in her bed as upon a throne, issuing demands for breakfast and lunch. She will only allow me access to Grayson in order to change his diaper and clothes. Give me my baby!!!!!
Maybe I'll eat the last of the yummy cookies our awesome friends, the Kennelly's brought last night. That will show her!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Visiting Hours

The thought of bringing 3 wild boys to Labor and Delivery and controlling them in Em's room around a new born wasn't too appealing, so with the assistance of our neighbor Roxy I took each of them to see their mom and baby by themselves. They were all very calm and cute and loving with him. What great boys ALL 4 of them!

Sam doesn't seem to like the name Grayson, (Its OK Sam, I'm sure uncle Dave has made fun of it already!), but accepted it and reported back to his friend that his name is Grayson because he looks gray. I guess I'm to blame because I said "He looks like a Grayson doesn't he?" "Yeah, I guess so." He was probably thinking, "He looks more like a Purpleson to me."

Thank you to all of the friends who are/have and are offering help. It has made is so much easier since we are so far from family. You all rock!!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers. Thank you Ryan for the blessing. His lungs are now clear and his breathing is great! The doctor is very surprised since the chest X-ray showed some aspirated meconium. We are happy his is healthy and doing great.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

What's wrong with this photo?

I've been going through my Thailand photos trying to make a photo book on Blurb and started noticing little oddities about this photo. I shot it from the hip and never noticed all that was going on. What can you find?