Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dr. Sam

Sam came out today randomly wearing my surgical loupes. When he saw this picture he laughed hard and said: HaHa dats mee!!

Friday, September 28, 2007


As I sit here underlining the text from the journal article I'm reading, I think to myself: I really love sharpies! They write so definitively, so boldly and don't hold anything back. I think we all need to live our lives more like these markers. Giving it our all until we run out of ink.

I got a retractable one for Christmas one year. Its wicked cool! It clicks in and out just like a regular pen.

Maybe its the fumes and smell, but I sure like using them.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sushi Anyone!

WELL its sorta official. While the orders haven't actually been cut, the colonel (AF not KFC) called and told us we are going to be stationed in MISAWA JAPAN.

I've gone from excited, to worried and am on the way back up to excited.

Em has gone from depressed and is on the way to accepting it.

I will be reporting to COT (Commissioned officer training) on 26 August. That will be for four weeks and then its off to JAPAN.

Misawa in the Aomori Prefecture, part of Northern Honshu, which is the main island of Japan (Same island as Tokyo).

A few Misawa facts:
~400 Miles North of Japan
-rural an scenic
-4 defined seasons with a serious winter
-43,000 people
-Tokyo is an hour away by air, about 3 and a half hours by train, and about 10-12 hours by car.

That's alls I got for yous guys (that was Rhode Islander). Come visit Us!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Life is Rad in Carlsbad

Our last day (Tuesday) in San Diego was Rad. I took the kids to the breakfast nook. This is Max's favorite thing. He thrives in this environment. His kindness comes forth and he's in constant service mode helping everyone get a waffle, muffin, juice or whatever. I only had a little to tide me over, as em and I had bigger plans later. After breakfast I took off and went surfing for a little while (yes--little while as I get very tired paddling on the board). I did get up, however, and the wave hadn't even broken yet!!!

On my return to the hotel we went to PIPES!!!!! Oh, the French Toast was divine. The best in the world!!!

After Pipes was another trip to South Ponto Beach. We then relocated and hung out at the beach with Laura and Eden!!! Their friends had some Sea Kayaks rented which I tested out. It's a little harder when you have breaking waves crashing on you. It was very fun. Then it was back to the hotel and off to the other Aunt Laura's for dinner (actually breakfast again with German Pancakes :).

It was a great pinnacle to a wonderful trip.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Surf's Up!!!

Monday was a major Beach Day. I started out surfing (for my fourth time) with my bro-in-law in the morning. Then a picnic with our SF friends until the high tide forced us to relocate to a beach farther north. Followed by swimming at our hotel. Max keeps wanting to do anything as long as there is "a lot of water."

Monday, September 03, 2007

Our Maine Trip (Some Blog Catch Up)

Here is a little catch up blogging about our camping trip to Bar Harbor Maine. This is the view of Bar Harbor and its many islands.) (The Bush estate in Kennenbunkport)There was much concern about bears taking our young, but all children were alive and accounted for the whole time. (Well at least alive)

Maine Blueberries are very very tasty. Yes they are different from any other blueberry I've tried. I never was a fan of them to be honest. These were little but full of flavor. They tasted like the batter of blueberry muffins! They make great blueberry pancakes too!We did a fun family bike ride in Acadia National Park. They have these old horse carriage roads to bike on. I was very impressed with Emily, she didn't even crash with the 5 year old tethered behind her.
The trip was interspersed with various variation of lobster. First was lobsta bisque, then lobsta roll, then finished off on the day home with a whole lobsta at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. This one was amazingly good. Better than any of the 4 I've had in RI.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Heart SWA =)

Southwest was great today on our flight. We were able to commender an extra seat for our lap child. They gave the boys extra soft oatmeal breakfast bars and me the whole can of soda. But the greatest was that both of our flights arrived 25 and 30 minutes early respectively!

Too bad that time gained was utterly destroyed and swindled waiting in line at Dollar Car Rental!! I walked in and there was a line of about 15 people. Fine. Twenty minutes later I had moved about 2 feet, and I think that was just people standing on a different foot, thus altering the lines position. As I finally approached the front of the line they decide to let us in on the secret: they don't have any cars!!! So they start busing people over to Budget. Well I stayed in line instead of going with the crowd and was able to get a "free upgrade" to the gas guzzling SUV which happened to be one of the last cars on the lot.

We eventually left Dollar and made our way to Em's sister for a pool party which was awesome!!! Now for some reason I'm still awake.