Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sushi Anyone!

WELL its sorta official. While the orders haven't actually been cut, the colonel (AF not KFC) called and told us we are going to be stationed in MISAWA JAPAN.

I've gone from excited, to worried and am on the way back up to excited.

Em has gone from depressed and is on the way to accepting it.

I will be reporting to COT (Commissioned officer training) on 26 August. That will be for four weeks and then its off to JAPAN.

Misawa in the Aomori Prefecture, part of Northern Honshu, which is the main island of Japan (Same island as Tokyo).

A few Misawa facts:
~400 Miles North of Japan
-rural an scenic
-4 defined seasons with a serious winter
-43,000 people
-Tokyo is an hour away by air, about 3 and a half hours by train, and about 10-12 hours by car.

That's alls I got for yous guys (that was Rhode Islander). Come visit Us!!!!!


Jenni said...

Cool! What an experience! I can see why each of you have different emotions, but overall is will be a great experience. You are all still young and it is temporary. SO, enjoy it! Any Japanese? Do you like the food?

whitty-acres said...

Crazy. Just crazy. You are going to have so much fun!

Lindsay Dunn said...

WOOOOO!!!! Awesome!

Bartimaeus said...

Yes, I love Japanese food! But as em says: "Costco has teriyaki!"

Sheba said...

Our Costco doesn't serve Terriyaki just pizza and those dang polish dogs. Where's Terriyaki Kitchen when you need it?? Guess you'll have your own. As Mom and I googled info about Misso (I guess that's the soup) ...Misawa... we found a cool pic of people lined up down each side of a huge hibachi type grill at a base party. Everyone was stir frying their own meal. I can actually see you and Emy loving that! But then again Emy and I could fake that at the Saunders New Year's party. Misso /Misawa is SOO far away. Emy can come live with us.

Foot Handle Pete said...

sounds like a good place to get teriyaki since Teriyaki Kitchen is no longer. Not sure what replaced it but I guess without you and David they just couldn't stay in business. Japan sounds very cool. I will definatly need to come and visit there. would like to come out to RI also, we'll see. FHP

Shelly said...

I haven't read this post yet - except the firstish sentences - but I'm excited and fighting the urge to book my tickets right now.