Saturday, September 15, 2007

Life is Rad in Carlsbad

Our last day (Tuesday) in San Diego was Rad. I took the kids to the breakfast nook. This is Max's favorite thing. He thrives in this environment. His kindness comes forth and he's in constant service mode helping everyone get a waffle, muffin, juice or whatever. I only had a little to tide me over, as em and I had bigger plans later. After breakfast I took off and went surfing for a little while (yes--little while as I get very tired paddling on the board). I did get up, however, and the wave hadn't even broken yet!!!

On my return to the hotel we went to PIPES!!!!! Oh, the French Toast was divine. The best in the world!!!

After Pipes was another trip to South Ponto Beach. We then relocated and hung out at the beach with Laura and Eden!!! Their friends had some Sea Kayaks rented which I tested out. It's a little harder when you have breaking waves crashing on you. It was very fun. Then it was back to the hotel and off to the other Aunt Laura's for dinner (actually breakfast again with German Pancakes :).

It was a great pinnacle to a wonderful trip.


Jenni said...

So, Doug are you as into food as your wife! Food is great! I love it too! I miss west coast places to eat too! I want to see the picture of you surfing!

Jenni said...

So are you really planning on going back to CA to work when you are done out east? North or South, or else where? Is your wife from southern CA? What are you doing now, peds? How long?

Jenni said...

one more comment...

my son Brandon took a fall today, rolling off the couch and hitting the coffee table somehow. He got a bad gash in the back of his head, at least a half to full inch and it was bleeding bad at first! I started screaming for Mike who was luckily home today, post call, on the phone talking to another doctor in CA for job networking. Brandon is OK now. The bleeding stopped, applied pressure with a towel and ice while Mike went to the hospital to get some stuff and then came back and put a staple in his head. He is bandaged up and sleeping now. I feel so bad for the guy. I just thought of your son Max, too. He OK?

acte gratuit said...

Luckily Doug loves eating out just as much as I do. Otherwise there would be some serious marital discord. It's also lucky neither of us is morbidly obese...yet.

(I'll let Doug answer your other questions! :)

Jenni said...

Too bad we don't live near each other. Your wife seems cool and the kids would have a blast together. What ages are your kids again? Brandon is 3 1/2 and Taylor 2 next month. How long have you been married? Seven years for us (2000), but we didn't start kids until 2004.