Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Heart SWA =)

Southwest was great today on our flight. We were able to commender an extra seat for our lap child. They gave the boys extra soft oatmeal breakfast bars and me the whole can of soda. But the greatest was that both of our flights arrived 25 and 30 minutes early respectively!

Too bad that time gained was utterly destroyed and swindled waiting in line at Dollar Car Rental!! I walked in and there was a line of about 15 people. Fine. Twenty minutes later I had moved about 2 feet, and I think that was just people standing on a different foot, thus altering the lines position. As I finally approached the front of the line they decide to let us in on the secret: they don't have any cars!!! So they start busing people over to Budget. Well I stayed in line instead of going with the crowd and was able to get a "free upgrade" to the gas guzzling SUV which happened to be one of the last cars on the lot.

We eventually left Dollar and made our way to Em's sister for a pool party which was awesome!!! Now for some reason I'm still awake.

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