Sunday, March 29, 2009

PT-That's for Me

PT stands for Physical Training. The Air Force is real big on being "FIT TO FIGHT." Each year we have to take a physical fitness test (PFT). Historically the testing has been done by one's own squadron (for me the dental clinic is the squadron). Recently the AF has turned the testing over to the HAWC (Health and Wellness Center). This should be a good thing since it becomes more standardized as well as eliminates any favoritism, i.e. letting your friend get away with a pansy push-up rather than a manly one. The only down side to this is there are LOTS of people failing their tests. What is the big deal? It majorly affects one's ability to increase in rank, especially for the enlisted. Also if you keep failing you will be kicked out of the Air Force. Hmmm?

Well what does the PFT consist of? Well, the score is determined by height, waist circumference, 1.5 mile run, # push-ups in 1 minute, and #of sit-ups in 1 minute. Most of the points come from the run. (We even get offered a day off if we get a 100%!) (I'll never get that day off =() Why do I bother blogging about this? I'm not sure since no one will read it! But I have 2 reasons: #1 to give you all another glimpse into the AF and #2 Because I just took a practice PFT on Friday. I actually did really well. I felt great during my run and I attribute it to my increase in healthy eating, since I haven't been running a lot lately. Thanks Merrill! I was able to sustain a faster pace longer without feeling as fatigued. It was very nice. Maybe if I keep it up I will get that day off!

BTW read the previous posts cause it looks like no one read them!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I got to do my first real act as an officer the other day. My dental tech (Air Force for Dental Assistant) was reenlisting and I got to administer the oath of enlistment to her. It was kinda cool actually.
Here is the oath:

I______do solemnly swear That I will support and defend The constitution of the United States Against all enemies, foreign and domestic; That I will bear true faith An allegiance to the same; An that I will obey the orders Of the President of the United States And the orders of the officers appointed over me According to the regulations And the Uniform Code of Military Justice, So help me God.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Awake!

It is only 5:42 pm at home, but it is 3:43 am in Dallas. Unfortunately, I am in Dallas! No I don't need a good night/afternoon rest before crushing the Oral Board Exam for Pediatric Dentistry. Of course not. Well, gotta go toss and turn. Or maybe I'll go down the hall and see if Matt is awake yet!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Notes From Primary

Here are a few of the notes I took during primary (these are 5-6 year olds):

-God told Joseph to take his family to Egypt because King Herald would kill Jesus.

-One girl (C) had a stuffed animal named Zola ad she was sick and then got the priesthood.

-E said, "I didn't laugh cause I love the scriptures."

-And as we talked about things to eat and drink. N said It means no drags (accompanied by a sweeping motion with her fingers). I asked "What does that mean?" N replied "It means no smoking."

-Me: Jesus Made everything.
Child L: He even made "Bob the Builder" the movie!