Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I got to do my first real act as an officer the other day. My dental tech (Air Force for Dental Assistant) was reenlisting and I got to administer the oath of enlistment to her. It was kinda cool actually.
Here is the oath:

I______do solemnly swear That I will support and defend The constitution of the United States Against all enemies, foreign and domestic; That I will bear true faith An allegiance to the same; An that I will obey the orders Of the President of the United States And the orders of the officers appointed over me According to the regulations And the Uniform Code of Military Justice, So help me God.


Sheba said...

Cool Buggie! I can't believe you get to be in charge of someone giving their oath. Way to be in charge. After all those years of getting bossed around by your sisters and brothers you get to boss others around.Come to think of it you've been bossing Em around for quite a while.

Sara Jensen said...

Not to worry, I still read your blog. It comes up on my reader so I never think to click on it to comment - but thought I would to make you feel better. :) I'm proud of all the stuff you're doing with the Air Force.

We had dinner with our friends from Japan tonight and ate stuff that you probably eat frequently. If I ever figure out what the food's called I'll let you know.