Monday, May 21, 2007

My Personal Music Evolution

Yesterday as I was cleaning the bathroom listen to my ipod playlist "Saturday Rock," Amanda by Boston came on. Emily and I did an excellent duo vocal along side of Brad Delp, (who I just learned died earlier this year.) As that ended and I skipped forward to Right Now by Van Halen, I began to reminisce about the types of music I enjoy and how I got to be the well refined musical being I am today.

My taste for music was a little delayed in its development. It wasn't until my freshman year at Armijo High School, go Indians!, that I began caring about and liking music. I remember it being one of my sister Kris' tapes that I began liking. Garth Brooks "No fences" if I'm not mistaken. I listen to that tons.
(Now before Dave picks up on this evolution beginning at Garth Brooks, I'll say it wasn't so much an evolution as a transition or a simple path. I in no way will agree with him nor my wife that Country is inferior.)

I also was being seduced around the same time by rock, especially 80's rock. Dave, my bro, is probably responsible for keeping me out of the third row of the parking lot (that's where all the hicks parked and chewed tabacy and practiced their roping skills). So I also became a die hard Van Halen fan.
This was around the time of their at that time new album "For Unlawful..." came out. Soon Dave and I were also immersed with such great bands like Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Journey, Cars, etc. It wasn't until I got married that the other side of the 80's music era came into my life in the form of every Erasure and Depeche Mode CD from Emily. (That side of the 80's I will admit to being inferior to true 80's classic rock!)
Anyway, after my mission I was once again influenced by my brother to the great music of Smashing Pumpkins. (I remember him being embarrassed when I asked him, in front of his friends, who Billy Corban was.) Then onto Radio Head. Emily has also brought softer music like Dan Fogelberg to the table, but that has only brought mockery and shame to her life. I mean who sings about spilling a purse in the frozen food section of a grocery store, and why do people insist on passing it off as a Christmas song?

My tastes are still about the same these days. I like my occasional country, classic rock, alternative rock. However, I can sing along with Akon and Fergie.
(That raises yet another question. Why do the assistants insist on playing inappropriate music in a pediatric office and also Why do the kids in the pediatric office already know the lyrics?) Some of Em's and my favorites these days include Rob Thomas, Natasha Bedingfield (Max loves Unwritten), and anything else that might be part of the Grey's Anatomy music library.
Well that's a look into my likes and dislike of music. To honest, if you see me with my ipod and headphones on, its a good bet that I'm listening to a book and not music. I actually get sick of music pretty quick, especially the radio. What can I say I'm Dougalicious.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Dedicated to the Greatest Mom(s) on Earth

So who is the greatest mom on earth. I would have to now say that my wife is. Sorry mom all loyalties switched to Em when we got married. My mother is awesome and I am glad she got to spend so much time with us in RI. She was sooo patient with my boys and read books all day to them only stopping often to play Candyland. She is very patient and wise. She has mastered the the behavior management technique of distraction (that's the pediatric dentistry term) (i.e. instead of yelling at the kids like I do she says "Oh is that a tree outside?" then they both look outside and stop fighting in the process. Way to go Sue!!

Anyway, back to Em. I wish I had time to go into all the reasons why I love her and why mothers are so special, but I need to hold my baby. I do want to say one thing: I married Em because I knew she would be a great mother. And she is that and more. I am so happy that my boys have her. She is so full of love, kindness and tenderness to them. I am so lucky to have her. both for me and for the boys. Her heart is so big and they love her soo much.

Thank you Em for living up to my expectations! I wanted to marry a girl as good as my awesome sisters and mom and I found one, dare I say better!!! I love you lots!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Few Musings (if I may borrow the term)

I don't usually remember my dreams when I wake up. So the fact that I can still remember the dream I had two nights ago means it must be pretty darn important (or maybe just weird).

First a little background: We have a groundhog living on our premises. Specifically, in the backyard behind the trampoline. (You know...the one I got for Em for our 6 year anniversary.) So the dream goes as follows: I was walking around a yard (I think in my old home in CA) with (I believe) my mom and a sister or maybe two. We walked down a path and I moved back some bushes to reveal a cave. In it I saw a large groundhog and a Mrs. Groundhog.
With lightening celerity, the Mr. Groundhog rushed at me.

Now the only way to describe his movement is to liken it to the bunny on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. However, instead of attacking my jugular he was tearing at my midsection and I was trying to defend myself by pummeling his head. That's all I remember.
So today I was removing the foliage from around the groundhog borough. We're trying to discourage this (seemingly) cute animal from sticking around as he has decapitated our tulips and we fear for our newly planted garden.

Fortunately, there was no attack during this procedure.

On another note:

Sammy has become very whinny since the birth of Baby Gabriel. The other day he was in timeout and I was very frustrated with him. I said to him: "Sammy you need to start behaving!" Sam: "OK." He then proceeded to wave at me with a big smile on his face.

At first I thought he was mocking me, until my mind processed what he must have understood. "Sammy you need to start waving!" It immediately made me smile and give him a big hug...all past transgressions forgiven. He's done the same thing a few times since.

Monday, May 07, 2007

What are the other boys doing?

Max has started a T-Ball class... and is enjoying Karate. Why teach such a hyper and naturally violent child to punch and kick? I'm not sure. Hopefully he can learn to listen and a little self-discipline. If nothing else he can count to three in Japanese!!!
Bammy is taking a gymnastics class. Finally he can do good somersaults! He did really well on the balance beam, but then fell off at the end. Now he is terrified of getting on it again!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

He Shall Be Called...

We finally came to an agreement about this child's name. We named him:

Gabriel David

They are both doing very well. This seems to have been the best delivery and recovery of all three!!! Em is very happy, beautiful, and in heaven holding her little flea!!!!!!
P.S. He has such a little head that is soft as can be!! Max said today in regards to his head: "It's so tickly! Dad, do you feel what I do!"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birth Day!!!!!

Boy, 7 lbs 8 oz, 18 3/4 inches, TOB: 10:58 am EST, Cute As Can Be, More detail including official name will be forthcoming!

Emily and baby are both doing magnificent. The doctor was wonderful and the Epidural was divine.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Its Begun....

Here is the final belly photo!

And the drop off at the Hospital to begin the induction!