Monday, May 21, 2007

My Personal Music Evolution

Yesterday as I was cleaning the bathroom listen to my ipod playlist "Saturday Rock," Amanda by Boston came on. Emily and I did an excellent duo vocal along side of Brad Delp, (who I just learned died earlier this year.) As that ended and I skipped forward to Right Now by Van Halen, I began to reminisce about the types of music I enjoy and how I got to be the well refined musical being I am today.

My taste for music was a little delayed in its development. It wasn't until my freshman year at Armijo High School, go Indians!, that I began caring about and liking music. I remember it being one of my sister Kris' tapes that I began liking. Garth Brooks "No fences" if I'm not mistaken. I listen to that tons.
(Now before Dave picks up on this evolution beginning at Garth Brooks, I'll say it wasn't so much an evolution as a transition or a simple path. I in no way will agree with him nor my wife that Country is inferior.)

I also was being seduced around the same time by rock, especially 80's rock. Dave, my bro, is probably responsible for keeping me out of the third row of the parking lot (that's where all the hicks parked and chewed tabacy and practiced their roping skills). So I also became a die hard Van Halen fan.
This was around the time of their at that time new album "For Unlawful..." came out. Soon Dave and I were also immersed with such great bands like Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Journey, Cars, etc. It wasn't until I got married that the other side of the 80's music era came into my life in the form of every Erasure and Depeche Mode CD from Emily. (That side of the 80's I will admit to being inferior to true 80's classic rock!)
Anyway, after my mission I was once again influenced by my brother to the great music of Smashing Pumpkins. (I remember him being embarrassed when I asked him, in front of his friends, who Billy Corban was.) Then onto Radio Head. Emily has also brought softer music like Dan Fogelberg to the table, but that has only brought mockery and shame to her life. I mean who sings about spilling a purse in the frozen food section of a grocery store, and why do people insist on passing it off as a Christmas song?

My tastes are still about the same these days. I like my occasional country, classic rock, alternative rock. However, I can sing along with Akon and Fergie.
(That raises yet another question. Why do the assistants insist on playing inappropriate music in a pediatric office and also Why do the kids in the pediatric office already know the lyrics?) Some of Em's and my favorites these days include Rob Thomas, Natasha Bedingfield (Max loves Unwritten), and anything else that might be part of the Grey's Anatomy music library.
Well that's a look into my likes and dislike of music. To honest, if you see me with my ipod and headphones on, its a good bet that I'm listening to a book and not music. I actually get sick of music pretty quick, especially the radio. What can I say I'm Dougalicious.


Mrs. Dub said...

children should stick with the classic rendition of "london bridge," if you know what i'm saying. because i'm not old enough to really get fergie's version. (fun fact: the london bridge is located in lake havasu, arizona.)

this post was great, even if garth brooks and erasure got play while the beatles, the clash and all other influential bands starting with "the" were ignored. but i'll forgive you for the radiohead reference.

radiohead is music.

shelly said...

hahaha! akon and fergie.. doug you are my hero~

did emy ever buy the anna nalick cd? tell her it's good.

Lindsay Dunn said...

I am glad that Max likes Natasha Bedingfield. We have led Auri woofully astray - her favorite song is "Fat Bottomed Girl" by Queen. I know - we're going to the inferno for that! But, I do admire your music taste!

Foot Handle Pete said...

A sure sign that you are becoming more mature is prefering the music that you liked when you were the least mature. I am a little dissapointed that I got no credit for some of the Journey, boston, cars, etc. you may have been too young to remember the great rock blasting out of the "cork and foil" bathroom but I think that those tunes made it to you through those that weren't. Madi made some comment about my turning down the volume on the radio any time that i get into "her" car and playing my own music really loud. I told her that was because I don't like her music and I do like mine. Anyway the real test as to how old you are is when you would rather listen to a book than a song. welcome to the land of the old people. FHP

Foot Handle Pete said...

By the way, I don't think that it was VanHalen that did right now. I'm pretty sure that was Van Hagar. and I know that David Lee would agree. fhp

Sheba said...

Did you just sign off as Dougalicious? Wow. That frightened me. I'm gonna go hold on loosely but not let go. Cause' if I cling too tightly... I'm gonna loose control.

mr. underhill said...

First of all, nice work Beth, that was a seamless integration of lyrics into a sentence that made contextual sense and not just a cheap shot at quoting. I applaud your masterful sentence structure.
Second, highly entertaining post Douglas, one that sparked a similar post over on some other blog that I know. Alas, I'm sorry to hear that you still listen to the dreaded country. I am still in therapy for the days when you got to drive the car and pick the music. It just wasn't fair that you liked both sides and hence "won" everyday that we drove. And I had to suffer through two or three days of driving whilst you picked the "music."
Third, I grant full credit to FHP for the musical roots in my life. I can still remember riding with him in the blue Honda listening to said bands blasting on his silver alpine stereo. Way to mentor FHP.