Friday, June 01, 2007

turning japanese i think i'm turning japanese

i really think so.

I recently met with my USAF superiors and finally got some long sought after answers:

I will find out around December where we will be stationed.

There is close to a zero percent chance of being deployed. Yeah!

There are four overseas openings projected for 2008. And new pediatric dentist always go overseas.

There are also four pediatric dentist completing training in 2008. (Me being one of them) (Me also being the one with the lowest rank/seniority, this will be pertinent later)

The four openings are in Lakenheath England, Misawa Japan, Yokota Japan
(Tokyo,) Kadena Japan (Okinawa).

We can request where we want to be stationed, but if more than one wants a given duty station it will go by rank.

Therefore, I conclude that it is most likely going to be JAPAN. I have already purchased a Japan travel guide and am doing daily mental therapy sessions for Emily. (The mental therapy is new and only for the thought of living in Asia). I myself am excited about the prospect. I'll probably be disappointed if we do get England.


Emily said...

Japan! Wow....that's really cool. It will be different but what an experience!

Foot Handle Pete said...

I think that Japan would be really cool. I'm not sure that i would like it for multiple years, mostly the lack of language. I really do have a thing for bamboo though. It may just be that it is fun to say "BAMBOO". Is there not a possibility of being able to go to Germany? FHP

Bartimaeus said...

Deutschland and Italia seem to be out of the least this tour. (that will cause some selective swearing by Mrs. RI)

acte gratuit said...

I will not be disappointed if we go to England. NOT AT ALL!!!

Lindsay Dunn said...

Okay... when you get to Japan, can we come visit? I've always wanted to go there!!!!

Love the new background, btw!

Oh, If you go to England, can we come visit too???


mama bear said...

oh. my. gosh! well, at least it would be fun to go to Disneyland there! sorry Em, you can always come live with us!

shelly said...

if you live in japan, i'm moving in with you.

Sheba said...

I guess the fact remains that you ate way too much Terriyaki Kitchen in your youth. I'd be selectively swearing too Em! Well the boys think I selectively swear all the time. But recently only when I clip bumpers of parked vans and for some reason whenever Sheesh's oldest is riding with me. What a good example of righteous Aunthood.