Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

I woke up after being able to sorta (half sleep while I heard screaming fighting boys in the background) sleep in a little yesterday to find a wonderful breakfast spread laid out on the table. Max, all by himself, had prepared my Father's Day breakfast and was extremely proud of himself. His face was beaming with excitement. He had a bowl of Lucky Charms, a banana, toast, and a cup of milk with a chocolate straw (a straw with chocolate beads in it, so that as you suck up the milk it becomes chocolate milk, a good idea but not the best tasting chocolate). He and Sam were very excited for me to eat it. Sam sat right next to me taking half of all the food, while Max protested his every bite: "Dats Daddy's!"
It gave me a great start to a wonderful Father's day despite the high sugar content!

At church there were some good talks about father's and how they influenced the speakers so much. It made me think of my conversation with my father on Friday. I asked him what he was going to do on Father's Day. He answered: "Go to Church. Worship Heavenly Father."
It was a simple answer and an obvious one, yet it was profound. How many times do we wish God a happy Father's Day, He being the Father of us all? This thought stayed with me this Father's Day and helped me to honor my Heavenly Father. Thanks DAD!


acte gratuit said...

Maxwell's excitement level was at an all-time high. It was extremely cute.

Sheba said...

That picture is so classic! The oaks in the background add to my already high homesick fever. I need a Sea Ranch fix.

Thanks for the beautiful Father's Day thoughts. You are a fantastic daddy. So are the other two old guys (and one missing) sitting next to you.

Foot Handle Pete said...

It's not every dad that will fly to attend a father and sons outing year after year. I missed haveing the other Warner's this last year. Do they have father and sons outings in RI? FHP

Bartimaeus said...

Yes, but I wussed out because it was going to rain and I had a week old baby to love.