Thursday, June 21, 2007

Got Gas?


mr. underhill said...

Ummmm, yeeasssh!

Lindsay Dunn said...

LOL!!! So funny!

shelly said...

way to embarrass your kid when he can't defend - wooooow! blue eyes are pretty

shelly said...

Btw Dougy, I have a blog. Click my name.

And I think my excitement for coming to visit you guys overshadowed my love for Japan. So let ms say now, I LOVE JAPAN. It's an obsession. I love almost everything about Japan. I actually want to live in Japan for a couple of years or study abroad there. I'm so excited people I know (WELL) are going to be living there soon! Introducing the ultimate hook up. Friends that live in Japan - you know, other than Yun.

And tell Emy that that last email didn't actually count as a Sunset Ward Update because it was only about one family, and I spaced, AND I'm too tired to go back to her blog and tell her myself.

Thanks! I love you dougy! Give Gabey a smile for me until I get there!