Sunday, June 10, 2007

pesce bianco con pistacchio e salsa di granchio

Last week with the visit of Faezer, Em's mother, we took a trip up to Federal Hill in Providence. Federal Hill is beautiful Italian district know for its great restaurants. Em's idea was to stop and ask at a local grocer and ask for a recommendation (she got this idea for Food Network or the like). So we pulled over and I went into a little store. Mistake. It was more Latin than Italian and specialized more in soft porn then restaurant recommendation. So I decided against asking them for a recommendation. Next we tried to go to Venda Ravioli down the street, because it looked nice and had ravioli in the name. It turned out to be a store and closed. However they had a cafe'/ristorante across the square. Naturally, they would have recommended it so we took their unspoken recommendation and went to Venda Ravioli-Costantino's Ristorante and Caffe'.

I was very nervous as we entered the restaurant proportionally became nicer as we increased elevation up the stairs to the dining area. It was a very nice place and it was slightly scary to have three boys in tow. I must say however, that they were practically perfect during the fabulous dinner.

Now I mention all this for two reasons: First, to introduce you to another part of RI. Second, because the meal I had ranks on my top three great meals I've ever had!!!! This is saying something since we lived in SF for 4 years. My top 2 are the seafood tostada from Mustard's grill in Napa Valley and the a fabulous steak from Chou Chou in SF.

So number three on the all time palatal pleasures list was: Pesce bianco con pistacchio e salsa di granchio. Fresh filet of Chilean sea bass encrusted with pistachio nuts, pan seared and finished with a delicate yellow pepper and fresh crab meat sauce.
Every single bite was amazing and sent thrills through out.


Lindsay Dunn said...

SOunds like you had a great adventure, and yummy food! I am glad you decided against asking the porn shop owners for a recommendation! LOL!

acte gratuit said...

Yep. It was divine. Hooray for Italian food!

Mrs. Dub said...

mmm ... must try since the top of my culinary list as of late is a bean burrito from taco bell.

(not really. but it's definitely not pistachio-encrusted sea bass.)

Foot Handle Pete said...

I'm not so sure that anything "encrusted" would make my top ten, however I didn't live in SF for four years. Actually I don't think that I have a top ten, I'll have to think about that. Oh, I did have Pietro's for breakfast the other day. FHP

Jeff and Kristy said...

Dang sounds like you guys are having a ball out there. Goodluck with the last year of school.