Monday, June 11, 2007

Old Cape Cod

Wednesday and Thursday we spent falling in love with Old Cape Cod. We spent one night in Provincetown (Known as P-Town) at the edge of America, the tip of the Cape. We were a bit worried as we drove there in the rain. The weather report said mostly sunny and partly cloudy, though I'm not sure what that means. Our road trips, especially with kids, take 2 to 3 times longer than normal. Of course traveling with kids adds a lot of time on, but the DVD player has helped a lot with that. We tend to stop at lots of "cute little" (emily's term) shops and see the towns along the way. Such as the art studio of a lady who makes creations out of drift wood, very cool. Or stopping at the Friendly Fisherman for the best/freshest fish and chips I've ever had (lightly breaded and cooked to perfection). They were "so fresh they aught to be slapped." Or browsing/dwaddling at the Christmas Tree Store, I think this was Fae's highlight.

Luckily as we reached the northern part of the cape and went out to see Highland Lighthouse, it had stoped raining and the sun began to shine. When we got into P-Town it was warm and "mostly-sunny." Cape Cod is so gorgeous. It has some of the most breath taking views. The scenery is very diverse: sand dunes, beaches, moors/marshlands, lighthouses, lesbians, bay, ocean, lakes, gays, cliffs, transgenders, pilgrim monuments, fishing villages, lobster cages, forests. Most of the area is national seashore and its beauty is presevered/protected. The cape extends off the southeast corner of Massachusettes and curls to the north.

Our hotel room had a beach just outside the back door, and a view across the bay of a lighthouse, Wood End Lighthouse. There's a dike made of giant granite bolders that extends for one part of the cape to another as the cape curls back along itself. Em, Max and I walked along it all the way out to the lighthouse. It was so pretty and the combination of the sun and clouds gave so many different views of the lighthouse as the sun set.
I highly recommend the Cape for your next vacation and you can stop at our house on the way. There is no other place like it! Simply amazingly incredibly stunningly beautiful!

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Mrs. Dub said...

you're so east coast.

you'll be partying with diddy in no time.

mr. underhill said...

you are totally east coast. are you pimp'n your golf shirts with the collar up now'a days? souds fantastic -- especially the fresh fish and chips.

p.s. i'm digg'n the new graphic.