Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wrestle Time

We often have wrestling time with the older boys when I get home. Now little baby #3 thinks he's ready to join in. This is one reason its fun to have three boys!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's Grosser than Gross?


poor hygiene combined with braces

Grosser than Gross

After cleaning off cheese-like plaque from child's teeth, picking out what looked like a stand of celery, but what turned out to be said child's thumb nail. This may have been one of the grossest things I've encountered so far.

This reminds me of Em's doctor during her first pregnancy. This OB-GYN asked me if I was sure I wanted to look in peoples mouths all my life. "There are worse places to look" I thought, but said "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Soccer Time!!!

Boy 1 is back into soccer. He is the youngest person in U8's but is holding his own most of the time. Although he spends 75% of the time on the ground! He runs so hard from end to end. He now knows what a cramp is. It was cute seeing him trying to stretch it out after I showed him how.
This is his Ed Grimley shot
Ah, wrong way!

Monday, April 07, 2008

It Could Have Been Worse

Last Friday I pulled into a shopping center to meet Em at the wicked awesome New England store Christmas Tree Shops and slowed to a stop behind a few other cars. Then I heard a LOUD grinding sound. Imagine running over a cement block and/or a tree stump. I put it in reverse and nothing happened. I got out of the car and noticed the right side of the car was low in the front. Differential Diagnosis: broken axle, flat tire, cracked flux capacitor. The wheel looked fine despite its funny angle and the fact that the whole car and wheel well rested on it. So I figured it was the axle, i.e. the thing the wheel is attached to got tired and wanted to rest on the ground.

The next few minutes are sponsored by Google and AAA. Since we didn't have the number for our mechanic, I utilized my new found tool 1-800-GOOG 411 and immediately was connected to my auto body shop (we found them during the telephone pole incident, or haven't you heard of that one). This was followed by a call to AAA who dispatched someone to tow my car leaving behind some large pieces of metal on the ground that I hoped the mechanic didn't want saved.

Anyway, to skip forward. The awesome mechanic Dave and his dad Jim (Both of whom Emily admittedly has a crush on) fixed out car in three days at a very low price! They rock! However I just await the next problem, especially because they wouldn't accept the car as payment. I offered to give them the car if I could drive it for the next three months instead of paying them. They didn't want it and hinted that it may not last three months!

Moral: People always say "It could have been worse."This is one time where I really did feel thankful that it happened when and where it did. Had it happened 5 minutes earlier on the freeway it would have been a horrible if not fatal crash.