Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's Grosser than Gross?


poor hygiene combined with braces

Grosser than Gross

After cleaning off cheese-like plaque from child's teeth, picking out what looked like a stand of celery, but what turned out to be said child's thumb nail. This may have been one of the grossest things I've encountered so far.

This reminds me of Em's doctor during her first pregnancy. This OB-GYN asked me if I was sure I wanted to look in peoples mouths all my life. "There are worse places to look" I thought, but said "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."


Linz said...

heeheee! There are worst places to look - but the mouth (ESPECIALLY the ones you just described) is still pretty gross.

Now excuse me - I must go brush the kids teeth again. That really grossed me out.

Matt said...

Somethings just should be shared. This is one of them. Another thing that shouldn't be shared is the vomit that came out of my mouth after reading this post.

Jenni said...

one word... GROSS!

I know I am not a good flosser, but brush the heck out of my teeth, even to the point that my gums are receeding.

Jenni said...

ps- I let my kids brush their teeth for practice, but I always go over it again. When are they old enough to do it on their own?

FOX said...

Doug! I am soooo sorry! That is definitely to much to ask from a dentist.

Lets just hope it was a finger nail and not a toe nail... or worse one of Brandon's toe nails... hey is that grosser than gross!

berto said...

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