Monday, May 14, 2007

Dedicated to the Greatest Mom(s) on Earth

So who is the greatest mom on earth. I would have to now say that my wife is. Sorry mom all loyalties switched to Em when we got married. My mother is awesome and I am glad she got to spend so much time with us in RI. She was sooo patient with my boys and read books all day to them only stopping often to play Candyland. She is very patient and wise. She has mastered the the behavior management technique of distraction (that's the pediatric dentistry term) (i.e. instead of yelling at the kids like I do she says "Oh is that a tree outside?" then they both look outside and stop fighting in the process. Way to go Sue!!

Anyway, back to Em. I wish I had time to go into all the reasons why I love her and why mothers are so special, but I need to hold my baby. I do want to say one thing: I married Em because I knew she would be a great mother. And she is that and more. I am so happy that my boys have her. She is so full of love, kindness and tenderness to them. I am so lucky to have her. both for me and for the boys. Her heart is so big and they love her soo much.

Thank you Em for living up to my expectations! I wanted to marry a girl as good as my awesome sisters and mom and I found one, dare I say better!!! I love you lots!!!!!


Mrs. Dub said...

aw, shucks.

they are two great moms, aren't they?

mr. underhill said...

I can't vouch for the marionette but I can vouch for the susan. She is an excellent mother. I mean who else would take us to the mall and let us play in the "gold rush", watch "high mountain rollers" and let Brother Chiropractor tell us what video games we should and should not play. But on a serious note, without her we would not have the A-team, Private Eyes and oh Thanks mom.

Bartimaeus said...

OK now say 3 nice things about your mother Erwin.

Sheba said...

That was very sweet Bug. I love Emmy and Mommy too.