Monday, May 07, 2007

What are the other boys doing?

Max has started a T-Ball class... and is enjoying Karate. Why teach such a hyper and naturally violent child to punch and kick? I'm not sure. Hopefully he can learn to listen and a little self-discipline. If nothing else he can count to three in Japanese!!!
Bammy is taking a gymnastics class. Finally he can do good somersaults! He did really well on the balance beam, but then fell off at the end. Now he is terrified of getting on it again!


Lindsay Dunn said...

I think it's appropriate to teach him the right way to punch and kick!! That might actually lessen any potential damage!!

Mrs. Dub said...

it's nice to see you're letting max's natural curls grow out.

oh wait, i guess he's the kid on the right.


shelly said...

haha.. karate is so right for maxy! and i can't believe sam can do a somersault - you know, because i can't and all.

mr. underhill said...

they don't call it gymn-nistics!