Sunday, March 01, 2009

Notes From Primary

Here are a few of the notes I took during primary (these are 5-6 year olds):

-God told Joseph to take his family to Egypt because King Herald would kill Jesus.

-One girl (C) had a stuffed animal named Zola ad she was sick and then got the priesthood.

-E said, "I didn't laugh cause I love the scriptures."

-And as we talked about things to eat and drink. N said It means no drags (accompanied by a sweeping motion with her fingers). I asked "What does that mean?" N replied "It means no smoking."

-Me: Jesus Made everything.
Child L: He even made "Bob the Builder" the movie!


FOX said...

Jake wants to know why adult teeth are more yellow than baby teeth (or if it is just his).

Thanks for all the advice!

Foot Handle Pete said...

So that we can charge for bleaching when you have the money. ;)

Sheba said...

We here in UT have been wondering about the baby teeth vs. Yellowish perms also? Weird. and thanks FHP you are so helpful.