Saturday, November 18, 2006


While sitting in my den/home office/study this morning at about 5:30 am or so I began hearing some scampering upstairs. Expecting to hear one of the boys beginning to scream, I prepared myself for ignoring them until they either woke the other one up of went back to sleep.
Then I heard the scampering enter the bathroom and then the kitchen. Expecting to hear the MOST GRACIOUS ADORABLE ONE begin barfing, I prepared myself for ignoring, I mean prepared myself to go upstairs and help her. As no violent heaving noises were heard I figured she simply need a bowl of cereal to calm her stomach. Then the scamperer descended the squeaky stairs. Next, my beautiful wife entered with a cup of milk and a plate with two pieces of
melted cheese and a bowl of applesauce for my breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She woke up before the sun even thought to and made me a yummy, fortifying and much needed breakfast. I had just been dreading having to come up with something to eat and contemplating stopping at the Dunk (Dunkin' Donuts) on the way to the OR. What a wicked awesome wife I have!!!!!


mr. underhill said...

That is so sweet. It almost sounds like the begining of an after school special.

P.S. Clocks run that early? Who knew?

Bartimaeus said...

It is an after school special...that was Fred Savage's voice speaking.

Emily said...

Can I have your wife?

acte gratuit said...

I have never scampered at 5:30 a.m. in my life. What you heard was lethargic foot dragging. And thank you for not mentioning the half cup of cinnamon I accidentely dumped on your applesauce in dark.

Sheba said...

She is so sweet. However, when she makes me breakfast she makes Southern Style french toast with special syrup or Sweet Crepes with strawberries and chocolate. Hmm. Sucks to be you.

Renel said...

Thanks Em for doing sweet things I cannot do any more. You are wonderful!