Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Pilgram!

Our Thanksgiving began aboard the Mayflower II, a seaworthy reproduction in Plymouth Massachusetts. Not as grand or exciting as Mr. Bates made it seem, but still cool to behold!

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the Plimouth Palisade.A kind Pilgrim taught this little one how to strike a wedge with an English accent.The same little boy was denied his request to stoke the fire.

On Thursday, Em provided us with a beautiful table and a scrumptious meal. It was our first official D&E Family Thanksgiving!!! We successfully navigated the difficulties of only having one oven to cook the various dishes, and enjoyed a great meal. E shined in her pinnacle of domesticity.


Sheba said...

Nice job with the visit to the historical society. I am impressed. Not with the rock - a bit small! But with you guys braving the cold to learn and experience. Very cool.

mr. underhill said...

I'm digg'n those pumpkin placemats. They remind me of the plastic ones we used to eat off of when we were little. I think they were fish.?
Nice work on the feast. Very proud of you for that. Now I'm not so proud of some of the other things that have been blogged about you. Watch your back! What?

Sheba said...

Yo, Bartimus - did the amitryptiline in the turkey knock you out - blog on dude.