Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas in the Air and Leaves on the Ground

The morning began with the Christmas Brunch at the local ward house. It was great, I highly recommend this form of celebration over the dinner party. Yummy eggs, sausage, bacon, muffins, not so yummy cheese grits, and even a chocolate fondue fountain.
Note: wait until after breakfast is over to bring Santa in. Then, after a failed attempt (due to icy wind gales) to get a suitable Christmas photo (Cards may be late this year, sorry), we headed to our first festival of trees.

There were lots of beautiful trees and luckily for all, a free carousel, train/golf cart ride, and craft activities. And luckily for Em vendor booths. Bam really enjoyed watching all the little dance numbers; his cousins would be pleased.
These were the two trees I liked best:

a Christmas palm tree, and the "Rudolph and Friends" tree. There was also a wicked awesome gingerbread reproduction of the "Providence Performing Arts Center." It was amazing. I liked the chocolate bar doors!

cute faces/profiles
(Bam's was immediately transferred to Em's arm and Max's to his collar a little later.)

The rest of the afternoon was spent raking leaves into the night. Our street has a micro climate and just finished having all the leaves drop and there sure were a lot of leaves.


acte gratuit said...

I've decided big trees are way over-rated.

Wendy said...

It never ceases to amaze me how you manage to use "wicked awesome" in every post! So eastern, my goodness.

I love your posts, douggie, keep it up!

Sheba said...

I sure wish we had some wicked awesome big trees here in the desert. Thanks for the fun blogs. No Santa at our ward party. I had to have # 1 deep breathe so he wouldn't start crying. "This is a dumb "party" just dinner and a program.(A Christmas play written and produced by a Laurel)