Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First Day of Snow!!!

As I began my trek downstairs to get ready in the morning yesterday, my breath was taken away as I saw huge snowflakes drifting down outside the window. Shortly thereafter Max woke up and I hurried him over to the window. He quickly went downstairs to look at it out the door. He has eagerly awaited the time that it would snow. The fact that he was only wearing underwear and a shirt detered him not from going out and getting handfuls to eat. About forty minutes later as I lay on the floor in the office excercing/strecthing his cute little face appeared at the door: "Hi Daddy!" "Hi sweetheart!" Then all of a sudden I get hit in the leg by a large wet snowball and he goes giggling away to get more. It was very cute and I was able to persuad him from getting more inside the house. We then went upstairs for breakfast and I showed him all the snow on the trampline and he went out and jumped without pants socks or shoes! It was reather cute! Once Sammer woke up they both got bundled up and we went out to play for a few minutes before I had to leave for work (even a few minutes longer than that). They really loved it and it looked so beautiful out with everything covered with a white coating! It was especially fun to see the beaming excitement and wonder in Max's face.

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mama bear said...

ah, snow. we have some of that white stuff too but I wasn't as excited to go out and freeze in it!