Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Perfect Day"

I was able to get home early enough today to take Max to see a matinee. When I called home before leaving work, mom said that he earned it because as she was laying with Sam at nap time, Max left the room and cleared out the whole dishwasher! He has been saying lately that he wants to go to the movie theater and since he now is being influenced by TV advertising (he wants Healies and the rocket fishing rod), he really wanted to see "Charlotte's Web."* We left mom and Sam asleep at home and set off in my car (Max was given the choice of what car to take and he said "yours, it's much better." (Yes the 1989 Honda recently named "Puff" is much better. After all who doesn't want a plume of smoke following you around town and your teeth chattering at stop signs as the car is about to shake itself apart?)
He thoroughly enjoyed the movie and seemed to have followed it quite well. He kept saying on the way there, during the movie, and on the way home: "This is the perfect day!"** (I have to emphasize here just how completely joyful and happy he was each time he said this...He was even more excited then on Christmas)

Following the movie we went to Wendy's for dinner where to our surprise the kids meals came with Charlotte's Web toys!! (How perfect!)

After having a fun outing with Dad, Max was so giddy to go home and see mommy and Sammers. He really was soo excited to see Sammy and when we got home Sammy was extremely glad to see his brother. They both had missed each other so much. It was so cute.

(Unfortunately the night was then interrupted by my pager and me rushing off to the emergency room to take care of a trauma patient. )

It really was the "perfect day." I think he went the whole day without having a timeout or being yelled at. He was super duper good today!!
*The movie was very very good! Well done, funny and had a lot of famous voices in it.

**Other great quotes include: "I didn't even miss you today because I only had to wait 5 minutes and you were home" (comment on me coming home early).

"Treating patients is boring. You don't get to be home with your family. Boring! Boring! Boring!

"You're the biggest and mommy is the smartest."


G said...

Oh how cute! I especially enjoyed the quotes at the end. You should make a habit of doing that on your blog. That sounds like the "Perfect Day". I wish Lee would get hoe early EVER! He usually just comees home late. Ah well, life as a resident I guess, an Oral Surgery resident I mean. I'm going to try to visit this next spring or summer. Let me know wehn the best time is to come. I don't have to be entertained or anything. Em and the boys are entertaining enough. Miss you guys.

Kimberly said...

what a great day! now, you said Max "emptied" the dishwasher but didn't mention whether he put everything away!

marissa said...

That is so fun that you do daddy/son days. Way to go Doug! My kids always beg to go in Jeff's truck too instead of mommy's car. This bedrest thing completely stinks for me, but I have to say that the girls love having the extra attention from daddy.

I especially liked those quotes as well. Especially the one about you being bigger, but mommy smarter. Cute kids.

Emily said...

You are a fabulous Daddy. Even if you aren't the smartest in the family.
Thanks again for the wonderful nap...