Friday, August 10, 2007

The Maine Report- Day 1

Departed for ME

Pit stop in Kennebunkport.
-Saw the vacation home of the Bush's (They were arriving today)
-Picnic at the beach

Arrived in Portland, ME
-shopped at Freeport outlets, home to LL Bean
-Dinner at Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster, great Lobster Bisque!!

Swimming at the Hotel and watch Burn Notice

Maine has a true New England feel. We're lovin' it!


Lindsay Dunn said...

Fun! Isn't Burn Notice great?????!!!

Bartimaeus said...


Sheba said...

I'm salivating at the mere mention of Lobster Bisque. Steph and I found a yummy place in Carmel where we had it and then later threw it up due to pregnancy complications with Spencer. It still is one of my favs. TMI? Or TIM Can I come play? Your lives are more exciting than mine.

Bartimaeus said...


Sara Jensen said...

I'm pretty impressed that you have your own blog (and not just having your wife do it). It sounds like you're having a great time.

My cousin Ryan Stanger (remember him?) is in Boston at Tufts doing dentistry. If we ever make it out there we'll make sure to say hi.

Have fun!