Friday, August 18, 2006

Quahogs, Blogs, and Trampolines...The 6 year Anniversary

Yesterday Most Gracious Adorable One and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary!! We were lucky to be able to spend it with the Grizzlys, our friends from SF. They came to visit us for a few days from Michigan. We went to a nice restaurant at the Ponaug Marina down the street from our house. It was very fun I got to try the stuffed Quahog (The Quahog is a large clam and is also the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation's state shellfish!) It was pretty good.

Why? You might ask is the six year anniversary the "trampoline anniversary"? Because She Who Must Be Obeyed thinks that it is what our children need in our yard and since I cashed in on my recent eBay sales I surprised her with one for her present. She watercolored a coupon for me for a free watercolor done by her at my specifications!! One of the things I've always wanted. (The other she already did for graduation when she finally after 5+ years of marriage played me a song on her Violin, it was very pretty.)

So it was a very nice day. I am so very grateful that I found her on that wall at the Rock Garden. She has been such a blessing to me and is the best mother I've ever seen. (Yes Mom she rivals you, but you can still be #1, just don't tell her). I always wanted to marry someone as good as my sisters and I did. She makes me so happy and I can't stand it when she is away. Everything becomes duller and loses its interest when I'm not with her. I have truly been richly blessed.


acte gratuit said...

Yep! That's me he's talking about!!!
I'd write more, but I have a trampoline I should be jumping on!!!

the dubs said...

do we really need to talk about your wife in some sort of creepy, lord of the ringish type talk? "She who must be obeyed"? it sounds like you're calling her "my precious"! too much fantasy reading for you sir.

Emily and Nathan said...

well, fantasy reading or not, my husband could use a few pointers. I say, "Creep on, D. Creep on."

Jen and Steve said...

So a bounce house just isn't enough for you. You have to go and get a trampoline too!

You are such a sweetie. Trust me, I have seen enough kissing coming from these two to know that what he speaks is true.

Lindsay said...

And aren't you glad that you and your buddies were already planning to go climbing so she could come along?

(By the way - this is MICHAEL not Lindsay!)

Anonymous said...
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