Monday, March 19, 2007

Cool Runnings!!

It's March and we just got our biggest snow storm (kinda pathetic, but it's still been really cold). This time it didn't melt right away so I got to play with the boys!!!! We made a cool sled course, but Sam wouldn't go down it. =)


shelly belly said...

oh my gosh!

that was so awesome!

it was like watching a little comic strip yo.


i'm trying to convince my mom to let me come to rhode island for a week or two this summer (that is IF you'll have me!)

*btw, youth conference was awesome :)

Christina said...

You are a cool DAD!!!

Foot Handle Pete said...

I remember many reading of the Briar rabbit stories and dads doing the voices of the charecters. I have that book and have read some to my kids. something that I should do more of. glad that you had such a good time at D world. FHP

mr. underhill said...

Now that's a good action shot. You should work for Sports Illustrated or Highlights. Isn't that the one with the hidden pcitures?