Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fun? I'm not sure.

Saturday was filled with potential: eggs benedict, say goodbye to visiting ohio friends, garage sells, library, and the tall ships festival in Newport! (Lots of tall masted ships come to port from all over the world: Germany, Canada, Indonesia, etc.) in Newport and you can go on them and tour them.) And we did all that. So, was it fun, exciting and wicked awesome? It certainly was until it got a little fuzzy around 2 or 3 O'clock in Newport. The weather was hot, yet nice. Newport was gorgeous, the ships were majestic. However, the best way to sum it up is: the investment made was > the return. Sammy was a bit pekid, Newport was crowded. We had to park and take a bus to the docks. No stroller + 3 kids + hot day= tired arms, sore back and low blood sugar. In summation, it was a fun trip and everyone actually behaved well, including Em and me, but too much had to be expended. Once we stopped at Panera bread and got some dinna we all pepped up and were able to make it back to the bus.

Next year, it may be more rewarding to simply watch it on TV. I'm a little nervous about trying to go to the Bristol Parade on Wednesday, but it is the nation's oldest 4th of July celebration! Wish us luck.

The resulting feet from wearing sandal on our day trip. (Sam's only seem clean in comparison to Max's.)

P.S. the ship with max and the cannon was in Pirates II. It is the merchant vessel that gets eaten by the Kraken around the 18th minute of the movie. Her name is Providence out of Providence, RI.


Lindsay Dunn said...

That looks like fun! The feet say it all! Glad you all survived!

MEL said...

Hi Doug & Em-- Andy & I went on those ships too like 9 years ago when they were docked in San Diego. They are very cool. :) Have a Happy 4th. I'm sure you will all have a good time cause the Warner Family always does! :) Love you guys & miss you Em

shelly said...

hehe. when i come over there, we can each take on a kid, you know 3 on 3!

mr. underhill said...

i would invest in those kid leashes. tie them all to emily and make them walk. of you could hire a nanny; that's what people do out here.

Sheba said...

At least the pics are cool. Better than the Riverton Parade.