Saturday, January 12, 2008


For sometime now I have been meaning to write about something that annoys me i.e. the blogs that have the word verification for comments. It is so annoying to have to type all those funky letters just to post a comment. Come on people just lighten up a little and make it easier for me to post a comment. You do want comment don't you!?* Plus, on an ADA (Americans with Disability act) note, people who are visually challenged and/or blind can't leave comments when they run into it. Yes, they have programs that can tell you what letters are present, but my sources say it doesn't work well. So lets all make a new year resolution to remove the word verifications from as many blogs as possible. (Plus half the time I enter in the wrong letters, and I think its making me a worse speller!)

*More than once, I have been discouraged from leaving my witty comments.
**I do like the wavy pattern the letters come in!


acte gratuit said...


Suck it up! It prevents spam comments, ya big whiner!!!

Bartimaeus said...

Some, not all, of the greatest blogs I've seen don't have word verification.

mr. underhill said...

BltEMe latin chick. get rid of it. plus spam is one of the four basic food groups.

Shelly said...

Why would visually challanged or blind people be reading a blog?

annie said...

so you have no idea who I am. (I'm Emily's cousin, Stephanie) I TOTALLY agree. I hate those comment thingys, mainly because I'm dim/dyslexic and slightly blind, so I always have to type it in at least 3 times to get it right. What a pain!

FOX said...

OK Doug, I would like to further this conversation of dismay. How about the fact that you have to have a blogger/google account to leave a comment. Do you know how many people (or losers, however you look at it) email their comments to me because they don't want to log in!!!!!

Tell Emily not to call me a whiner too. I have self-esteem issues brought on by your last visit!!!! HAHAHA! just kidding! I love you both!!!!!!