Monday, February 18, 2008

Disney Revisited: A Cute Story

First of all, never voluntarily tell your child that people collect signatures of characters at Disney World. Sure, child may get excited and think it is a great idea, but then child will also want to get signatures from characters at Disney World. Parent will have to find characters and wait in line to see characters. One more tip: If the line over 20 people, you will wait in line and get toward the front and the character will disappear for a potty breack and you wont get a sig.
Anyway back to the story, having gone one day without a character sig. we finally secured two sigs at Magic Kingdom: Buzz and Stitch. Then we hit the jack pot in Disney Toon Town. They have a "Hall of Fame" where you can find a group of three characters in one room. There was a long line to see Goofy, Pluto, and Donald and no line for the princesses. So we jumped into the empty line to get what we could. The "cast member" looked at us and said in an unbelieving voice: "You, want to see the princesses."

Now why can't two boys and their dad, wearing black Pirate shirts, want to see the princesses? (I mean what else do pirates do when ashore =) ).So we got to go by ourselves into the princess room. This is the good part. We go through the double doors to be greeted by two glamorous princesses (Princess Aurora and Belle) and one cute mouse (from Cinderella). It was kind of awe striking to see these strickingly beautiful princesses. Boy #2 immediately turned around and tried to hide in the corner. He suddenly became so shy. It was very cute. The princesses were very kind and asked great pirate questions of the boys. (This was nice since the costumed characters can't speak.) We then went back into the other room for the others.

Follow up: The next day we were at EPCOT and saw Aurora again. Here again the potty break foiled us. She was being escorted away and Boy #2 went running after with his autograph book. She blew him a kiss and he dipped his head down and smiled. Very cute!Conclusion: Autograph books are annoying but have potential for some good memories. Not sure which outweighs the other.

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Sheba said...

Boy, were we glad that we escaped Disneyland without our children realizing they could actually buy those books. I'm thinking they thought you had to magically be given one. We loved our only hour 1/2 wait at either park to visit the princesses and their court. Of course our #1 went on rides with Sheesh's #5 while we waited with Nanna. The highlight was watching two other families change their two girls into their Disney Princess regalia while in line. Again, we are glad Nanner didn't know that was possible and went in to the kingdom underdressed. We would love to see that head duck and smile of your#2 & # & #3.