Sunday, August 10, 2008

Graduation Parade

So here are a few pictures from our graduation parade at COT: Commissioned Officer Training.

It was sooo hot. As you may notice we are wearing black shinny shoes. For about 20 of the 24 minutes of the parade we are standing completely still i.e. at attention. The shoes got so hot it truthfully felt like I was about to get a burn on my feet, really.Anyway, I graduated.

This is a picture of most of my flight, the group that I was together with for 24/7/31.

* Em informed me that I looked very mean as I marched. Well, its called extreme concentration as I try not to mess up as I march past the commanders.


Sheba said...

"That's my DOUGIE!" Nanners just said. We blew up the pics so we could find you. Again, I must just say WOW. You two amaze me. We'll just be right here in the desert wasteland living semi-boring lives while you two or you five live on the other side of the planet and have really interesting adventures. Nice work BUG!

Foot Handle Pete said...

Pretty impressive. I like the gloves, did you try the moon walk? Marching does take a lot of concentration, I remember spending weeks in band at green valley junior high just trying to get everyone to tap their foot in unison. We did win the Dixon May fair one year, though. FHP

Girls Galore said...

Whoa Doug, nasty snarl there in that picture. It's comforting to know that in the event we run out of regular troop to fight the war, we have this crack group of Rambo dentists to carry on the fight.

Nisa said...

Hey Doug-lips. Isn't that what we called you. Silly disgusting name, now that I think about it. I think it was cuz you had luscious forbidden lips so long ago. Hanging out this weekend with Peter and he has been showing us your blog. Congrats on all the accomplish. We knew you'd grow up and be great someday.