Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All

We had one of the best Christmas' ever. We sure missed our families and friends in the US, but enjoyed spending Christmas with our new friends as well as with many over Skype. (Anyone up for a game of "The Office DVD Trivial Pursuit" over Skype!!!?) Thank you for the many fun Christmas cards and presents. If you didn't send one we don't mind getting them late!

If you have 4 minutes to spare please enjoy my feeble attempt at amateur film making.

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!

btw... Sam sounds sad but is very happy about his presents, Max is partially faking his thanks due to threats regarding being ungrateful, and Gabe was a true Christmas devil! He was terrorizing the other boys and their presents. If you are wondering, Gabe wants GeoTrax Trains for his birthday! He wont leave Sam's alone.


Linz said...

Cute video! I love the donkey ears in the beginning! =D

Merry Christmas!!

Nisa said...

No offense doug but I think Gabe made a cuter donkey.

Sheba said...

Wow Buggie. I am so impressed that you put that together. It almost made me cry. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. I loved the nativity. Did I happen to see someone with a mask visit the baby Jesus?

Your donkey ears were true addition. Maybe we could get NIcky some for their nativity next year. While we're at it maybe Emmy could make a set for all the families. Mark keeps ending up being the jack.. I mean donkey here and he looks great in polka dot ears.

Foot Handle Pete said...

Very fun to watch, I like the candid stills and music. It is impressive that the nativity tradition is still going strong and is being shared with friends. Did Mary have that cute little baby in her shirt the whole time? The boys are getting so big. Hope you have a happy new year.

crimendelsiglo said...

caught up will history for a month - i liked the dalmation at the nativity.

the best part is the adventure. life is one and you get to live a real cool one. i think i prefer one where i can communicate - english or spanish. but hey ! NOT being able to talk with just anyone one on any street is an adventure.