Sunday, August 23, 2009

7th Annual Wild Weasel Triathlon

Saturday I did my first triathlon! and despite Em spoiling MY event to blog about, I'll continue with my post.
The base does a triathlon each year and last year my friends did it and I thought that'd be cool to do and half decided to do it the next year. Well, I did it!! and was very happy with my results at 1 hour and 4 minutes. And that with a crappy bike.

It was a little shorter than an offical "sprint triathlon" at 500 m swim, 9 mile bike and, 3 mile/5k run. The swim was the hardest part because of all the people around you that are kicking you as you kick them. It was hard to get a good stroke in and I even did a couple strokes of the doggy paddle as we crammed around the first turn.

I feel all excited still and can't keep thinking about doing another one. And my friend Merrill has me dreaming of a nice road bike purchase too!

Mike, Merrill, Me
The Mormons


Linz said...

YEA!! Congratulations! THat's awesome! Mike and I are going to do a triathlon in November. We just got bikes! I am so excited!

The Jonas Family said...

Congratulations on completing a triathlon! No way could I do that. I am not a biker, swimmer, or runner!

I saw your wife's blog that you guys are expecting another child. Congrats! When is the due date?

mama bear said...

Way to go Doug, good luck getting a new bike!

Foot Handle Pete said...

Wow, well done. Bet you wish you had oiled my raliegh. that sound a little wierd.