Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cave of the Winds-Niagara

Emily forgot to mention the most fun part of the Niagara Falls trip: The Cave of the Winds tour.
We took an elevator to the level of the base of the falls and then walk on a series of stairs and decks to get to the actual base of the falls. It was wicked awesome. The sound of the crashing water was soo loud it was hard to hear each other. And though we were wearing the supplied ponchos, they were not too effective at preventing water. The spray from the falls was every where.

There was an optional path to take up to the Hurricane deck, rightly named because it feels like what I imagine a hurricane would feel like. Max and I braved that part together. That's where you can see me circle in the supplied photograph. It drenched me completely, but it the power of it was so cool.

This was Max's favorite part of the trip and I think it made it worth going to all the boring adult sites we dragged him to.

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acte gratuit said...

Of course I "forgot" to mention it! I look hideous in all the pictures! Thanks for ruining my image!

Foot Handle Pete said...

very cool. I wish we would have gone up there while we lived back east. I was =just telling Kris that I was missing the east. It sure is beutiful back there. FHP

gingerakin said...

I think you look adorable, Em. Looks like a lot of fun. Wish I were there.

Foot Handle Pete said...

aww my adorable cousins that i havent seen in what feels like forever...oh and my lovely aunt and uncles are there too...:)

-pricess dublet