Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lobsta and Cabinets-Rhode Island Style

The 2 major RI supermarkets had very inexpensive lobsters on sale this weekend. So they became one of the main topics in the OR on Friday. (yes I know it is comforting to know that while you are asleep for surgery we are talking about Lobster, but believe me this is one of the better topics discussed this day.) So I felt very inclined to stop at Stop N Shop on the way home and pick up 2 live lobstas (as I was informed is the correct way to say it here :) ) One of the nurses even wrote down the instructions on how to cook them.

Unfortunately I underestimated E's reaction when I pulled/dumped two live lobsters out of their bag. She immediatly became nauseated, rushed out of the house, and called her friend (
Mama Bear) for commiseration and sympathy, which she found in great measure. Anyway, she repented and came back home and actually enjoyed the fresh lobsta and excellent fresh corn! They turned out very good and I may actually try it again sometime.

Along with learning how to say lobsta and butta, I also learned that had E ordered a milk shake at the creamery last week she would have been sorely disappointed. You see a milk shake is merely milk with a flavored syrup blended together. If you want a true milk shake, you know with ice cream, one must ask for a CABINET. So naturally we had some cabinets to end the evening in style!!Posted by Picasa


G said...

Hope you enjoyed it, murderer.

mama bear said...

UGH, you could have at least covered up their eyes! I'm glad I was here for E's moral support -- nobody should go through that trauma alone! The cabinets look good, though.

Adronja aka The Leopard said...




acte gratuit said...

I found they were edible as long as I shut down all mental processing and just chewed.
The shakes I had no problem with!!!

Andy said...

Next time ask the market to cook your lobstas for you. This way you get the experience, your house doesn't get the stench, and your soul doesn't get the guilt of direct eye contact with your dinner before you drop it into a boiling pot! Oh, and next time invite us!