Monday, March 03, 2008

Another Reason To Go Pedo

I was on my oral surgery rotation earlier this week. We had “a frenectomy” coming in. (Yes, I try not to refer to patients by their procedure, but the head assistant kept saying that. For the sake of my sister I try to refer to the patient not the sarcoma.) Anyway, a patient was coming in who needed a frenectomy. I asked Dr. Sam if I could do the frenectomy procedure. He said “We’ll see.” Just then the assistant came through the door with a sobbing 9 year old girl. Dr. Sam looks from the weeping child to me and says with a big smile “You can do this one!”

So I proceeded to allay the girl’s fears and help her to feel comfortable. I talked a lot about High School Musical and how much she likes Troy. She was able to calm down and did a wicked good job. She held still and didn’t have a single issue throughout the procedure.

I really enjoy helping these kids get past their fears and showing them how much they can accomplish. I don’t mind spending the first 10 or 40 minutes talking them through things. (Although it may be a little harder when my income depends on my speed.) It makes me feel so good to see a scared or crying patient leave the room happy.

There you go dad!


Linz said...

Awww, well done Dr. Dub. HSM makes everything better. Nice job! =D

Foot Handle Pete said...

That is a good feeling and very rewarding. I'm glad that there will be a good, careing, and competant Pedodondist out there some day. Too bad that he will probably be to far away for me to send my screamers to. :) FHP

FOX said...

What is up with the title? Pedo. Fart! You farted in spanish during the procedure?

Sounds like you are a great dentist!

FOX said...

btw... Savannah is in love with Troy also! At Disneyworld, she used all her souvenir money to buy High School Musical paraphernalia with Troy on them.