Thursday, March 20, 2008

Green Valley Wildflowers

I grew up in Green Valley just outside of Fairfield CA. I was there last weekend to take the Law and Ethics exam for the CA Dental Board, which I passed and now have a CA license! The last morning my brother and I went and took pictures of GV. It was so pretty. The hills are green with lots of wildflowers and blooming fruit trees. It was amazing. We were very lucky to have grown up in such a peaceful place.


It's all about the "Crew" said...

That makes me so homesick! I really miss the hills!

Linz said...

So pretty!! You were very lucky!

FOX said...

You are an awesome photographer! (I am assuming you took the pictures.)

Some of my best temple pictures (sealing to my kids) are from you!!!!

I have one temple picture (that you took) where there is a picture of a beautiful purple flower instead of the people and that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read this post!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on passing the boards. So glad you told me so I could pray for your success! Now go pick up your shoes and backpack. Those pics bring back sooo many great memories. I love you.