Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Private Hours

Saturday Afternoon was filled with private hours. What is a private hour(PH) you might ask? Well, I too was ignorant of these facts until meeting Emily. A PH is when you take a child and got do something with them without others with you. You might deduce that it lasts for an hour, but you would be wrong and after 8.65 years you still would not understand why it is refered to as an hour if it lasts 3 hours! Well, that confusion aside I took both M and S on private hours Saturday.

M has been doing really well with his behavior chart at school lately so I took him to see "Inkheart" at the base theater. (We get most of the same movies but about 1 or 2 months later.) I even let him invite one of his best friends along. (Again, how can it be a PH if someone else is there too? Just go with it is the motto of this relationship!) It was a good movie and both of them enjoyed it.

Then S needed some alone time too, so I took him on a few errands with me (including to purchase a crate of apples from the "Apple Lady," a little produce store off-base. (btw-Japan apples are the BOMB and better than any apples heretofore tasted!) Then we ended by going to the Weasel's Den, the Airplane Hanger turned Kids play place on base. He had a great time climbing around throwing his paper airplane (made by mom) from all different heights. It was a blast doing some fun things with the older boys.

Unfortunaly, G got jealous and wanted to have a PH of his own in the ER on Sunday evening! He fell and hit a coffee table at our friends house just as we were finishing our cheesecake. IT was however fun to sit in the waiting room with him. Really it was! He was being so cute. I brought a few of his trains and he was have a fun time with them. Then he started to get a tired and I think he was saying he wanted mom. So I went over and sat by him and he put his head on me for about 4 seconds and then got up and went over to where I was sitting and brought me his trains, took my novel and went back and thumbed through my book while he expected me to play trains. It was quite commical. Then I got out a board book for him which he looked through and then traded for my book again and so that I could look at his book. Again, cute and funny. He didn't like it when I had to wash his wound in the sink and then hold his laceration together while the ER Doc super glued it. But he's all better now and he got his private hour with me, which was actually Private and took 1 hour. Go figure!

(actually occured/written in March, but didn't publish at the right time...Sorry)

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Shelly said...

HEHEHEHEHEHE YOu're kind of funny! I miss the boys so much!