Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today is April 26th and IT IS SNOWING!!!!!!

oh..and we had an earthquake last night!

YES we are fine, thank you for your concern...again.

-Funnyily. We had recently watched an episode of Life, where there was an earthquake in LA and the Main guy, Cruz, was wondering why in an earthquake does everyone ask, "Did you feel that?"
Then last night, the first thing I said to Em was "Do you feel that?"

Well, have a nice day!


Linz said...

I'm glad you're okay! And sorry about the snow.

PS - we love LIFE too...

Melissa Abby said...

It's 85 in Providence today :) First time since probably September!

mama bear said...

Sucks to be you! Just come home and ditch Japan, you know you want to!

The Jonas Family said...

Snow!? I have to say we are enjoy the low 80 degree weather here in Arizona!

We also had a earthquake hit in Indianapolis, year 2007 or 2008 I think. It was weird and crazy. The bed started to shake at like 5 in the morning. My husband jumped out of bed and was in the bathroom door way in a split second. I was laughing. He grew up in LA!

Bartimaeus said...

Jenni, do you remember the SF quake?

crimendelsiglo said...

i lived in LA most of my life. never felt a quake. mission to argentina was my first quake; second was in nj - all during sleep. moved back to LA and then in '89 was actually awake at 4-5am when it hit.
as the house moved, the neighbor's houses move, AND the trees moved, my comment/question was "what's that ?"
LA = shake and bake.