Monday, June 01, 2009

Not So Idle Threat

Two weeks ago I bought Em a ticket on Then yesterday I saw that they have some new deals on their international flights. So I checked the EXACT same ticket again and saw that it was about $50 dollars cheaper. I remembered seeing somewhere that they would refund the difference if a cheaper fare was found! I was happy to get $50 back! So I called them. The first Indian customer service member, though nice, was not helpful claiming it was a different ticket class, L vs M. He was vague as to what the difference was on that mumbo jumbo. Then after rechecking and seeing it was indeed the same ticket class (L as in Lima) I called back and tried again. They said they could refund the difference but there would be an administration fee of $150 dollars!!!!! What a crock. It turns out that (add sarcasm here) in my haste to buy the ticket, I didn't go to their website and search down 11 levels into their customer service links to find the clause stating this fee.

So the bottom line: If you happen to find a cheaper price by $301+ dollars it may be your lucky day because you could get at least $1 back from lovely United!

I even had them get me their supervisor on the line who kindly guided me through the tangled website, but who would not help me with any refund. Lame-O's. Anyway I told him I was going to blog about the poor United policies and so here you are Jaba from Customer Web Support. Enjoy your flight!

*Note from Em: You'd think in the crappy economy businesses would be bending over backwards to keep their customers content. Wouldn't it be better to give a $50 refund and in doing so earn a loyal life-time customer because of great customer service? When are big businesses like United going to quit being STUPID and start making their customers HAPPY!?!?!?!?!


The Jonas Family said...

Sorry to hear of your pain with airlines! They are always a problem one way or another! That is why we like to fly southwest most of the time.

Fun to read about your trip to Hawaii!

LaLa said...

I feel your pain! You know I'd go to the ends of the earth to save fifty bucks!!

yesterdays news said...

given enuf time we will be flying a foreign (japanese/korean/singpore etc) airline, the same ones that make our shoes/tvs/cars/clothes/toothpaste etc.; who own most of our farms and other producing business. of course, we will be "a service provider" in the same way india, pakistan are today answering your questions about "why" or "how" to make this machine work. our real $$$ maker, yard sales.

mr. underhill said...

I would comment on this, because I too can't stand United and their refund policies, but I am boycotting all communication with you due to your recent escapades to a certain tropical island. Once the court-ordered silence has elapsed I can resume communication. Until then, you got okra?