Friday, June 19, 2009

Dad Is Great...He feeds Us Chocolate Cake!

My friend Sara made this beautiful German Chocolate Cake for her husband. I want Em to make it for me for Fathers-Day. The deal is to praise her and her website and then I get the recipe. Her website looks awesome with some awesome looking food. Go there and partake of the elegant delicacies. I thought I'd explain what she does, but the website is the place to find that. But I will say that Sara rocks. She's been my friend since high school when my dad would take me to her house to watch BYU football games with her Dad. Love ya Sara!


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Sweetest Of All said...

Hey dougie. Just thought I'd say hello. Peter talked me into reading Em and hearing about you through here is always hilarious. Made me miss you, you were always a good friend and a good man. (and I was always pullin for you in terms of Miss Jessi - but I'm more grateful you found Em)