Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July... 10 days later

I expected Em to post about our camping trip, but all we got was potty talk. So I'll give a run down of our 4th. It started for me on the 2nd when our dental squadron went down to Nango and spent the afternoon racing go carts. It was a blast and they were fast! My team won of course. One of the guys let us ride in his car while he did some drifting. Wow was that a ride!

Then Friday morning we went down to the Tanasashi Seaside south of Hachinohe (not that many of you know where that is). There we set up camp on a strip of grass right on the beach. Then we headed up the coast a half mile to an awesome climbing spot.(That is Max climbing up there). There were about 5 different routes of varying skill and a sandy beach area and a little tide pool for the little tots to tot around in. It was awesome. The climbing was followed by Em's magical dutch oven cooking and smores and a nice bonfire! It got really big as my friend Wes and I placed three palates on the flames!

The morning unfortunately found us cooking a dutch oven breakfast and packing up in a steady drizzle. (Gabe was not a happy camper this morning he kept stomping his foot at me as I took the picture.)
We headed home, recovered from the exhaustion, began the week long repacking of the camp gear (is it worth it to do so much work for one night? No! But yes it is!), then we headed up to the top of hill and watched some pretty awesome fireworks, complete with water bombs (Fireworks they set off in the water, quite spectacular!)

Monday we headed up to shipwreck beach. This is a cool beach with, yes, three or four wooden skeleton of boats. This is where we have become quite addicted to sea glass. You know you are addicted to Sea Glass hunting when your two year old can't say his brother's name, but can say sea glass! This beach is on the southeast part of Mutsu bay, which is on the northern tip of mainland (or would it be mainisland) Japan, inside the hatchet looking part.

It was a blast of a weekend!

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