Friday, July 17, 2009


After getting home from work a bit early I informed the boys of our plans for the day. Homemade pizza, earning a big YEAH from Sam, walk to the store for mushrooms and food for the trip to Lake Towada for the Firework festival, and then home for the pizza and movie night.

Anyway, the main purpose of this blog is to illustrate why it isn't lazy to drive the car 4 blocks to the store instead of walking. Sure its a nice day, we have a wagon for kids to ride in and/or to pull groceries, and lots of PEP. Then half way down the first street the 2 year old decides he doesn't want to ride and starts to screech and gesticulate for the only adult to let go and let him pull the 5 year( - 1 week) old brother. And no letting him run it into the grass and not being able to pull it any further doesn't trigger the logic mechanism telling him, "Hey, Dad is right. I can't pull this all the way to the store by myself. Maybe I should do it WITH him instead." Rather the 2 year old without a nap this day decides to keep trying while sobbing and crying in the grass. Then once this obstacle is overcome one might think we are home free. Nope, the 2 year old is now happy as we leave the store and doesn't care too much about the wagon, but sure likes the decorative rocks outside the commissary. No there is nothing wrong with this perse, but staying in them for 10 minutes does cause a little delay in the pizza plans. Eventually he decides to meander away from there and saunters over to the crosswalk where the rest of the family is waiting. Meanwhile biggest brother is 50 yards ahead waiting to cross the busiest street on the base. (I am very glad middle boy was content the whole time and even relished the task of pulling the wagon and groceries.) No Mr. 2 year old doesn't want his hand held, but he does want to sit down on the storm drain in the grass on the side of the road. (Don't worry I did take a few pauses on the trip to soak up how cute he was actually being and was very proud of how well the 7 year old did stopping at each intersection and being very safe and responsible despite being 200 yards ahead at this point.) Luckily too the little 2 year old didn't cry when he hit his face on the orange cone as he ran back and forth between them in the school parking lot and he was sure cute as he giggle uncontrollably as he purposely choose to go straight instead of turning and had me follow him. The gutter/mote was also fun for him and Sam to strattle and try to walk over. But alas as we was picked up and taken across the street to home he decided to start crying again and call for him mom across the street. Apparently he thinks his mother is in a gutter across the street. Go figure.

Anyway, the evening played out well. Gabe went to bed early after a good dinner of pizza and cantaloupe. (they didn't even know I pureed spinach and zucchini and squash into the pizza sauce! and used half whole wheat flour in the dough!) Then Sam got really frightened of the human version of Cruella de Vil in 102 Dalmations, so we went up and had a nice long cuddle while Max continued the movie. Then I let Max stay up late with me and he played some random computer game he learned about at school.

Well, I waited long enough for the time zones to align. I'm going to call my wife now. Good night y'all. Domo!


acte gratuit said...

And you wonder why I rarely leave the house with the kids on my own. I learned this lesson long ago. But I'm glad you still enjoyed the cute, though. I'm very happy you're blogging so much!

Bartimaeus said...

I forgot to mention that as I wrote this post I thought I started sounding like you! =)