Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hump Day!

For most people hump day is Wednesday. But for us stay at home Dads with wives gone for 11 days Day 6 has come and gone! We all desperately miss her, except for Max who claims he has forgotten his mother. Ha Ha! Report to date has us at current tally of children still at 3, laundry done and 4/5 put away, house is clean, kids in bed (my bed tonight, they really wanted (and supposedly according the the pathologic liar Max, his mother said he could one night). (FYI don't give promises to kids if you are leaving or talking over Skype from another country it might make it hard for the other parent!)

Anyway, today, after piano, we went bowling! They have been wanting to go since She left. (Max has a mental check list of all activities ever suggested in preperation for Her departure. Bowling with those guys is so funny. M does a nice pinball approach along the bumpers. S runs and throughs it two handed into the air with the ball landing with a load clunk. This is followed by him laying on the floor and doing a reverse inchworm back to the chairs. G- rolls the ball from the ball return, another 2 minutes to the balls slow decent down to the pins. I swear at least 5 times I thought the computer wasn't recording their score, only to look down and see the ball still hadn't made it the full length.

Back to Sam's backward slide after his catapult. It caused a great yet sad sequence. Sam had completed his turn so Gabe went and picked up his ball and took a step backward and tripped on the Sammy inchworm. G falls back drops the ball onto S's back and hit his head on the ground. S gets up dazed and tries to help G up. Then G stand back up with the ball and hitting his head into S's chin, again dropping the ball, luckily it didn't hit anyone. I in the mean time just sat there and laughed at the comedy of it all. Then I took pitty on the napless 2 year old and helped him bowl his turn.

The boys have been great and we are having a great time, but need Em back!


acte gratuit said...

I miss you guys too! And I'm sorry, but it's true I told Max he could maybe sleep with Daddy one time while I was gone. How was I to know it would cause a ruckus? The question is, did you let him stay the whole night or were you mean and took him to his bed?

I sure wish you had the bowling incident on film, but I can pretty much picture it in my head so it's okay.

Can't wait to see you, but I'm not ready to come home yet. Still haven't been to Target or Costco or Wal-Mart!!!

Bartimaeus said...

They both slept in my bed an I took the couch.

Wonder said...

Thanks for letting her come to Utah. We had a good time visiting with her. We got to see Lee and Ginger this week too. And I have been emailing Nate a lot lately. We have had a lot of contact with the UCSF crew recently which has been nice. Brought back a lot of good memories. Kim and I are going to a wedding in San Francisco this weekend and we might stay the night and go to Sunset ward. Anyway, I thought I send you a message too. Hope you are doing well.