Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas To All....

Here are a few of our CHRISTmas highlights. The first is the we had the two missionaries from Hachinohe over for dinner on Christmas Eve, one of which is Australian. It turns out he has no clue about Rudolph, but he shared the following song with us, who knew what Santa used Down Under!

We also made Gingerbread houses with some friends, The Webers, Beckers and Tuckers.

Had a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner with lots of friends: the Pattersons and Alleys minus Merrill, who did Skype us as he was boarding the plane to Afghanistan!
Did the Nativity with the children, it is very fun seeing their excitement. Here's the cast!
Went sledding as well as ice skating!
Had a fabulous Christmas Morning with the Boys, one of the best ever. Max loved his legos that Santa got on Ebay. Sam loved his "whool town Geotrax" Santa found on the Misawa virtual yard sale. Santa is a bargain shopper!

Farnsworths came over for a Christmas dinner and games just like last year, minus Em cracking her head open (on a sharp corner last year, luckily he's a doctor with super glue).

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Lyana said...

Fun post!...but I like Em's pictures better. Ha!