Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Best Day of Skiing

I had Friday off and Em was supportive and encouraging of me to go skiing with a couple of buddies, Cole and Brad. We went to Appi, anyone been there it in northern Japan. Very accessible if you live here!
It was awesome. There was about 30 inches of fresh powder. The groomed runs even had 2-4 inches of powder. The longest line was for the gondola, about 6 people! It was a little cold and snowy but not too bad. After we had a great lunch of hot ramen with wontons we headed back out for a couple of runs in some strong winds that almost blew Cole on his snowboard down the wrong run. But we found some sheltered slopes and then finished the day at their jump park. It really was one of the best days of skiing I can remember.

Then today I took Max skiing at a one lift resort 45 minutes from our house where you can buy a lift ticket for 2 hours. The first run was good. Then Max got frustrated and I was so close to vowing to never take him again. Then after forcing him to do one more run he began having lots of fun and did another 4 runs and started getting the hang of it a bit more.


mr. underhill said...

Wow, that's some impressive powder. Nice work.

lexi said...

That looks like great fun. Wish i was there.