Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fresh Fruit and a Round of Golf

I woke up a bit early, 2 hour time change (nothing this world traveler can't take in-stride). I read for a while then went on a little jog with some of the other people on this trip, we can't go anywhere alone for safety and accountability reasons. Then had a yummy rice soup/porridge for breakfast.

We got briefed on what to expect starting Monday and had my suspicions confirmed that no one knows what we are doing. We are going to two sites on M and Tu. They are at elementary schools and people from the surrounding area will show up for medical, dental, veterinary, and optometry treatment. Its going to be crazy but fun. We sat around a lot waiting for our truck with all the supplies to show up so we could organize it.

I joined a group going into "town" (a main street with some stores) to get make some copies and get some Bot. I went cause my body has been craving fresh fruit. I spotted a little street side fruit vendor and bought a watermelon, pineapple, dragon fruit, mango, mandarins, and a some other little ball of goodness. Not sure what it was. (I just searched, and I mean searched and found that it is called

Sapodilla ละมุด Manilkara zapota.

It was really good. (They are the ones on the bottom right corner). This afternoon Me and a few of the other guys went and played 9 holes of golf here at the resort. It was a great coarse. We paid about 18 bucks for 9 holes, clubs, and a caddy! in the jungles of Thailand!! The caddies were great. They laughed at our poor golf game. Then I had the most fulfilling moment of my life to this point (no not really) when I hit a good shot onto the green and my caddy lady beamed and gave me a thumbs up.Notice the beautiful steep mountain at the end of the hole. These are surrounding us here.I may have spent a good amount of time in the trees. Darn slice!After golf I got some shrimp and rice noodles for dinner. It wasn't spicy so I placed a 2 mm segment of a tiny chili on it which just exploded fire into my mouth. It was great. I had another.

Then I ended the evening with a short swim in the pool and Skype with Em.

A fun day indeed.


Mark J. said...

Wow, are you really there to work? Sounds like a great time. Wish I could have played golf with you, never had a caddy, Kristin makes me carry my own clubs. The pictures are even more enviable than the ones I like to torment David with. Keep the reports coming.

Mark J. said...

Lexi says nice hat.

Bartimaeus said...

Thanks Lex!